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It is like the flowering of all the possibilities in the original classic film.Computers are used not merely to create special effects, but also to create style and beauty, to find a look for the film that fits its story.Written and directed by Academy Award® winner Sofia Coppola, Marie Antoinette is an electrifying yet intimate retelling of the turbulent life of history’s favorite villainess.Kirsten Dunst portrays the ill-fated child princess who married France’s young and indifferent King Louis XVI.After you’ve looked through the list of costume and historical dramas coming to Netflix in January, be sure to visit the “You May Also Like” section toward the bottom of the page for more suggestions of what to watch, including more period set films, romantic comedies, classics and options for the kids.

Toklas, and the artists who frequented Stein’s famous salon: Picasso, Dali, Cole Porter, Man Ray, Luis Bunuel and, yes, “Tom Eliot.” This film is sort of a daydream for American lit majors.” – Roger Ebert Andy Dufresne is sentenced to two consecutive life terms in prison for the murders of his wife and her lover and is sentenced to a tough prison.

To say that style trumps substance does its maker a disservice, but the look of the thing does leave the deepest impression.” – Kathleen C.

Fennessy Gil Pender is a screenwriter and aspiring novelist.

Accompanying him are playwright Jack Driscoll and actress Ann Darrow, who is whisked away by the monstrous ape, Kong, after they reach the island.

The crew encounters dinosaurs and other creatures as they race to rescue Ann, while the actress forms a bond with her simian captor.“A magnificent entertainment.

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