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// [fntw] You can play this mini-game while on your night rounds. 2nd option: 楽しくなかったです --- 2nd option: 妥協して塩ラーメン Defeating Level E Vampires mini-game. (9) --- Choose 玖蘭 枢 1st option: いつも一緒の零が良かった 3rd option: 私たち変わらない Any option. You get 60 seconds to find 6 Day Class students (not including Zero! Regular items (schoolbag) - Pale green textbook - Bowl of ramen - Bucket (lol) - Comics - Picture of Toga Yagari - Green gift box Contraband items (Bloody Rose insignia) - Blood tablets - Picture of Akatsuki Kain - Picture of Zero - Paper with phone number on it - Dark green book with corner torn off Use your stylus to drag the items over to the left. Note that the items move a lot faster as time passes, so think/move fast! Great for raising the affection levels of the Night Class students. Stats raised: INTELLECT, EXPERIENCE, AFFECTION //Dress up Fashion Check 着せ替えファッションチェック// [dufc] You get to access this game by selecting "Rest" during day class. As the title suggests, you get to play dress up with the guys with the clothes you've purchased (by selecting the "Decorate" option beforehand). 1st option: 子供を探す 1st option: 話しがかける --- 1st option: このままじっと隠れる CG!

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They each have - A romantic ending - A good friend ending - A bad ending (low affection) ... high affection for both Aidou and Kain simultaneously results in them fighting over the protagonist in the ending) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MINI-GAMES ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ //Fortune-telling 相性占い// [fttl] By choosing the "Fortune" during your day class, you'll get some info on the chemistry levels between you and your selected guy.

//Options// [optn] On the opening screen, you'll see: - New Game - Continue - Option - Gallery - Voice - Mini Game You get to adjust sound levels of BGM, SE, and VOICE under "Options". Also, to wipe your game data, select the "ALL CLEAR" option at the bottom of the screen.

Under "Gallery", you get to view the CGs you've unlocked (70 total) In the Voice section, you'll be able to access voice clips of the guys whose endings you've gotten :) In the "Mini-games" section, you get to practice them without having to open your main file.

This will be my first guide with Japanese characters included (I FINALLY got my jap keyboard to work) so IE users: right-click, encoding -- Japanese. [fntw] ~ Window-stalking 気になる様子 [wnds] ~ Waltz Dance ワルツダンス [wltz] ~ Defeating Level E Vampires レベル:Eを倒せ [dlev] - Characters [chrt] ~ Kaname Kuran 玖蘭 枢 [knmk] ~ Zero Kiryuu 錐生 零 [zrky] ~ Hanabusa Aidou 藍堂 英 [hnbs] ~ Akatsuki Kain 架院 暁 [akts] ~ Takuma Ichijou 一条 拓麻 [tkmi] ~ Senri Shiki 支葵 千里 [srsk] ~ Toga Yagari 夜刈 十牙 [tgyg] ~ Yuki Cross 黒主優姫 [ykcr] ~ Kaien Cross 黒主灰閻 [kncr] - CG list [cglt] - Afterword [afwd] - Credits [crdt] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ INTRODUCTION [intd] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Vampire Knight DS game is based on the shoujo manga series of the same name. You play as Yuki Cross, the protagonist of the story, and you'll be able to pursue a total of 7 guys (including the secret character). ~ 私もあげたい ~ Any option ~ 落ち着きのないのはいやです ~ ここです Choose any place except the left side of the protagonist's neck.

Gameplay is fairly simple and plot-wise, the story's pretty linear. --- Choose 藍堂&架院ペア To make a delicious meal, choose a different option each time when preparing food (so that each person prepares something) CG! Two other locations (your choice) --- Move to area 16. (42) 1st option: 藍堂センパイを責める (affection drops slightly) CG!

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