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If any of the forms are missing, the samples will not be processed.

It is best to place both forms in a water proof container, such as a freezer bag!

Please take a moment to read the “Instructions for Sampling” and look over the Lead and Copper Rule “Sample Collection Report”.

You will notice that the Lead and Copper Rule “Sample Collection Report” is 7 pages long with 15 site numbers per page.

Please take the information the customer provided on the “Instructions for Sampling” form and transfer this information onto the Sample Collection Report.

The Certification Form and the Sample Collection Report must accompany your samples.

The Public Health Laboratory is no longer located in the same building as the ADH Engineering Section.

If the County Health Unit uses the State Courier Service you will not need to tape the lids or add packing material.

Irregardless of the shipment method it will be necessary to place a shipment label on each box.

The elapsed time between the two events must be at least 6 hours.

The water must remain motionless in the pipes for at least 6 hours.

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