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Richardson’ chant When reached over the phone, Switzen said, “No comment at all. Switzen directed “The Suze Orman Show” on CNBC for more than a decade, and was most recently listed as a director for the network’s “Power Lunch” program.

A CNBC spokeswoman declined to comment on Switzen’s arrest.

I live in a studio that is obscenely priced, but my building is safe.

It's in sort of a sketchy neighborhood (the Tenderloin), but it's so central, it makes it worth it.

Now, onto this week’s topic: How to protect your feelings when you're having casual sex. I'm not looking to jump back into another one, but I have recently started hooking up with a friend and dating other guys.

In the past, if I've liked someone enough to have sex with them, I've tended to get attached, and ended up falling in love and in relationship with them — whether I actually thought they were right for me or not.

The horrified teens took the camera to Pleasantville police about p.m.

I keep tabs of these work expenses, so I can deduct them at the end of the year. — I meet up with friends for drinks to celebrate a friend's birthday. I make 0.95 and then eat some soup before going to bed.

A CNBC director who worked on finance guru Suze Orman’s show has been accused of peeping on his teenage au pair with a spy-cam in a bathroom of his Westchester home, the Daily News has learned.

This week, I earned ,188.95, which was extremely lucrative. It comes in waves; checks are slightly bigger or smaller depending on how much I work in a pay period.

Number of roommates: 0Monthly Expenses Rent: ,195.

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