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And coming forward about the abuse remains one of the hardest things to do in the church.

Comedian Sarah Silverman and feminists, including Lizz Winstead, recently took part in a pro-choice telethon for Lady Parts Justice League, where anti-abortion laws were acted out in charades and conscience clause laws were mocked.

Now, The Christian Post is highlighting some of the most prominent faith-filled moments on the road to the 29-year-old's rise to superstardom on the big Super Bowl stage.

On Twitter, the bespectacled Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles places his faith in Jesus before everything else that defines him in his tagline.

"Believer in Jesus Christ, husband, father, son, brother," he writes.

Virtual reality, which can easily allow churches to have global presence and foster diversity and inclusiveness, is far more enabling than live-streaming, which numerous megachurches are currently using to conduct multi-site worship services.

So are we going to see a rise of VR churches in the near future as the technology becomes cheaper and more accessible?

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