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While it’s nice that there is less confusion on the dating front in Brazil, it definitely makes it harder to take many of the relationships seriously when everyone just jumps into them so quickly – and it likely explains the high prevalence of cheating!

4) Many Brazilian men will say to please a girl I have heard numerous times from people that many Brazilian men will say nearly anything to please a girl.

Since being in Brazil, I have gotten more used to it, since everyone seems to do it, but it just has always seemed so cheesy and high-schoolish to me.

But why should I have to let the entire Facebook world know who I am dating?He was saying that is in a relationship here, which I found interesting.And sad, as well, that people feel such a compulsion to be in relationships here.Even when they go out together, Brazilian couples tend to stay attached at the hip.I had to remind my boyfriend to give me some space when we went out together – telling him that I would want to mingle with friends and other people, independent of him – I would remind him to “be more American” whenever we went out.

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