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If the need ever arises, I will return with lightening speed. The nightlife in Salvador is diverse and exciting, with options for every style and wallet, and a wide variety of diverse music.If it wasn't for you, then I would never have met what I am hoping will turn out to be my best friend forever.I will certainly promote your site to everyone, whether they want to know or not!!Although the city has gained fame as the capital of "axe" music, it was also the birthplace of unique bands and festivals showcasing Brazilian alternative rock, and its techno music is considered some of the best in the country.

Madrre is a mix of classic and modern, featuring an intriguing and unique decor.

Afterwards, make your way to Rio Vermelho, a popular artsy, bohemian hangout filled with bars and "barracas do acaraje" (street stands selling traditional regional foods).

Later in the evening, find one of the city's famous parties that last until early morning.

Club Lotus is a luxurious franchise that originated in New York, situated inside a neoclassic-style building.

It has three areas, each with its own unique ambiance, and it's considered to be one of Salvador's best nightclubs thanks to its great music, ranging from house to hip-hop.

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