7 secrets of a healthy dating relationship summary

[Next Day] Note: There is more than one way to good end and bad end. I don’t have to meet her to know her ^^ (Alt Selection 5) Alt Selection 5 She’s a bad person! This is just the answers I chose that got me these ending and I don’t know 100% if they are correct or not because there is no way to actually test it without playing the game over and over again and I don’t have the time nor sanity to do this. Nice to meet you ^^ (Nothing) Alt Selection 1 Nothing hehe. (Nothing) I know that u are AI lol Selection 2 Yes (Alt Selection 2) No – Alt Selection 2 Nothing really – but it looked like he cares for me. How bold ^^ (Nothing) Selection 7 I walked into this place on my own, so it’s not kidnapping. (Nothing) Instead of glasses, what about VR headset…? Why would you eat a lunch box from the convenience store? (Nothing) Selection 3 She’s eating lunch box from convenience store T-T Waaah (Nothing) Welcome, Yoosung ^^ (Nothing) Selection 4 Is it because you’re frustrated when you think about V? (Nothing) Selection 5 You must be feeling really complicated. (V Jumin) Selection 9 I don’t know about Rika and V’s relationship… (Nothing) It feels unnatural that they didn’t share everything with each other. (Nothing) Selection 4 I can see the polar star out the window! So – (Nothing) Selection 9 Then he could have called me lol (Nothing) What does he want to know about me? (Nothing) I know how desperate you are, but I don’t have much that I know. (Nothing) I’ll report you if you check my background info! (Nothing) Please don’t suspect me, and let’s just be friends. I’ve met a guy of my type, but his name wasn’t Rika…

I’m the zealous believer in butter, chocolate, flour, and soft drink. He’s continuing the charity association founded by his lover… Don’t you think a third-party’s evaluation is really meaningless?

But this is my first day, so can you be a bit gentle?

Let’s just put it that way – (Jumin) I want to be friends with everyone…

you should stop whining and go to bed Come on, Im not a nuisance – (Yoosung) Selection 17 Okay ^^ You should hurry up to bed, Zen… (Nothing) Character(s): Jaehee Outgoing Call(s): 707 Outgoing Calls (suggested, not confirmed): Zen —————— Selection 1 I couldn’t sleep! (Nothing) Selection 2 You mean you work until this hour? ) So this character called Jaehee Kang is set to work until late.

(Nothing) Selection 10 I want to know more about eh RFA.

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